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Fantastic product

Have been using this product for just about a year and extremely happy with how easy and great this feels on my skin. Going into my 60's and feeling fabulous

Can’t get enough

I recently started using clean face and honestly am so floored at how much I love it! The colour the scent the texture and the way my skin feels is just incredible! And I’m a skin snob using a high end active skincare line. I really love this stuff!


Love the refill option. Thank you. Be careful when pouring the refill into the bottle, it comes out fast.

Beautiful product

I have been using the product for a few weeks now and my skin feels soft, and looks vibrant and smells amazing.

I love thr refill!

The refills are fantastic. I would forget to reorder so having the refills come to me is exactly what I need.

Excellent Service!

I’m 8 months into using the CleanFace oil and it’s by far my favourite product. I recently travelled to Alberta and loved being able to throw just one bottle in my cosmetic bag rather than multiple face creams (day, night, under eye)! I also recently turned 50 and this oil has been so great for my skin.

Smells amazing!!

It’s my new go-to every morning. The smell is what I look forward to most. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Best item I’ve ever bought for my face

I am a lifer now. This CleanFace is the only thing you need for your face. It feels incredible. Not oily feeling like others I’ve tried.
It makes my face routine so simple.

Amazing skin

I use this oil on my face everyday and my skin has never been so smooth and moisturized. Many of my blemishes have cleared and I absolutely love this product.

Great stuff

A refreshing way to keep hydrated.


I have dry skin and love an oil- this one has such a beautiful smell and give such a nice glow even under make-up. It also feels so amazing on and keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day:)

Great product

I use this in my nightly skincare routine and it hydrated and rejuvenates my skin beautifully! I am very acne prone so I was slightly nervous but this oil has been great. My face feels silky smooth in the mornings and looks amazing. The radiant smell is an added bonus! I would definitely recommend this product.

Nourishing and smells lovely

I have very dry skin and CleanFace really soaks in and nourishes my face. I use CleanFace in the morning and evening under my moisturiser. I love the feeling and the gorgeous floral smell.

Soft and Comfortable

After using the facial concentrate my face feel soft and I am ready for the day.
Without this product my aged face shows the years of wear but after applying my face looks younger …softer to the touch! Easy to fill the protective bottle and an easy product to use….

Love the texture!

Absolutely love the texture of this oil, just melts into your skin. I’m a huge fan of the ingredient list (blue tansy is a fave!!) & the rose forward scent is marvellous. Highly recommend.

Bottle 30 ml | Active Facial Concentrate
Rafaella Carvalho - Herschel
Face glow!

I love CleanFace's botanical oil. I have been using every night before bed for about a month now and feel my skin very hydrated and luminous in the mornings. Plus, the smell is so unique! Well done, ladies.

Love it!

I love a great botanical face oil! I used to make botanical face oils, I know how they work. I love CLEANFACE oil. It is organic, and this is important for ageing women. Ageing women are not used to using face oil, and it is one thing I always recommend to my clients.

This oil is fantastic for a face massage to entice circulation and rejuvenate the skin. It has a therapeutic scent that makes application a ritual. I love to add more just before my yoga session or meditation.

Im 57 with incredibly dry postmenopause skin, and I use it morning, noon and night, plus I rub it into the tips of my dry, fine hair. It leaves the skin with a lovely smooth glowy finish, and it provides a non-oily glow. Everyone asks what I use on my skin; I say besides eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, I use CleanFace oil. This is my other skin food.

Incredible product

Incredible texture, goes on so smooth and is not shiny like other oils. Feels very nourishing and clean! I love this product. Would highly recommend.

Great product!

Silky smooth and absorbs like a dream. Skin feel hydrated and clean after use and so gentle it can be used on my sensitive skin regularly.

Refreshing and rejuvinating!

The initial scent evokes a fragrant botanical gardenscape, with notes of rose and a hint of rosemary. The oil goes on light and absorbs gently into the skin. I felt an instant radiance<3

I love this Oil!

I love this oil as part of my routine. I find it to be super hydrating and light, and leaves my skin glowing and totally nourished. I love how it hydrates and protects my skin especially during the winter months and when my skin needs extra attention. If you’re someone who loves the mountains and fresh air but hates the result of dry skin from exposure to all the elements, you definitely need this on your routine.


I just finished my first bottle, and ended up getting a subscription for refills, what an awesome idea not to waste & reuse the bottle!!!
My skin is on the dry end especially in the winter and no oil worked in the past, and I’ve tried many. So I was skeptical that this would work on my skin. I phased out my moisturizer and only use this oil now, it’s the best and my skin feels nourished and has a nice glow and doesn’t feel oily. And the best part are the ingredients, no chemicals so makes me feel so good putting it on. Also great for use with Gua Sha stone! Highly recommend to give this a chance! <3

Amazing Product!

I love this product! Started using Cleanface three months ago and my face has never felt or looked so great. My skin is so so soft. I no longer use a moisturizer- only Cleanface morning and night.


I cannot rave about this oil enough. I’ve gone from multi step morning and evening skincare routines to just this— and my skin is loving it. I love that it’s ALL natural. I love the smell. I love that it’s made in Canada. love it all!

Love Love Love

I have been using this oil for just over a month and I am in love! I live in Winnipeg and our winters are brutal and my skin really suffers. This oil has been a game changer. The smell is amazing. It smells like walking through the forest right after it rains, so fresh!