our story

We left our “big industry” careers to start CleanFace with the mission to reinvent women’s skincare for the better. It didn’t make sense to us that the majority of luxury product were more than 60% of water. We wanted to create something that IN FACT was high performance and something to replace the 3, 5, 10, 20 step skin routines that took far too much time & money, and let’s be real created an incredible amount of waste.

We started out by trying to make ‘mix at home’ formulas with ingredients we found on the shelves of the supermarket - quickly realizing the lack of transparency and honesty that are provided. Today we source some of the most potent, pure and organic ingredients from all over the world,  mix and bottle them locally. Easy peasy (well not really it took 3 years and hundreds of formulations).

Our Active Facial concentrate is one of the most potent facial oils on the market and simply activated by the warm water you’re already using to cleanse your face. 

CleanFace is Female Founded and Owned, Self Financed & Made in Canada.